Iquitos – The City That Hastens

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Iquitos is the most crowded city I have seen throughout Peru, it has got bustling markets and streets for local shopping. The city is set, surrounded by the jungles of Amazon and is also based on the Amazon River banks. There are several boat trips offered for you to take a quick ride around the city. The city is a fine blend of new and old together. It persists modernization but it also keeps close its old traditions that have been followed for a very long time. The place is practically unreachable if you are planning to walk through it. The crowd will get you stuck, instead of bike tours. Here are some of my must visits.


If you are in search of some leisure time you want to spend to just relax and calm your body down, this is the place you definitely want to try out.  The beach is located at the coastlines and boundaries of the city and is filled in with white sands. The houses various animals in the natural habitat protected reserve just about a kilometer Outdoor from the beach. The beach opposite to the city is not very bustling, in weekdays all you can find here are tourists and nothing else. Some weekends marks locals coming, or else the beach is very silent and solemn. You can walk alongside the waters, or have coconut water. And if you get lucky you might be able to spot pink Amazon dolphin.

Indian Markets

This is one of the largest and bustled markets around Iquitos and if you wish to shop souvenirs for your loved ones, this is exactly where you should be head to and by everything you might require. The market is full of local and ancient artifacts of Peru, you can even find a miniature of Machu Picchu and that looks very beautiful. You can find spices that are made in Iquitos itself. You will find the authentic bora drums here and don’t forget to bargain, they tend to charge more to the tourists.

Interlaken: Exploring the Best of Switzerland Scenery

Interlaken is the place to explore the natural beauty of Central Switzerland. This city is filled with tourist attractions. There are a plethora of things that you can do and see in here. It offers an endless variety of walk, outdoor excursion, and climbs. If you are planning on visiting Interlaken anytime soon, here are a few things that you should do.

Harder Klum

To get a view of the entire city and the lakes, visit Harder Klum. This is a funicular climb beside Alpine Wildlife Park and beyond the bridge on top of the Aare River. The restaurant at the top offers a panoramic view. I also caught sight of the Jungfrau area. I descended along the forest path through the Hardermannli lookout path. Drop in at the Wildlife Park to catch a glimpse of ibexes and marmots.

Hohematte Park

This park covers an area of 14 hectares and is situated at the heart of the city. It is an open space and this is a great example of outstanding town planning. Along with its side, you will find Kursaal along with a café and theatre. This park is also a landing spot for the hand gliders. If you are visiting during the winter, you will find the ice-skating ring which is suitable for beginners.

Lake Brienz

This is to be found on the eastern part of Interlaken. It has a backdrop of beautiful mountains. I found steamboats chugging along the lake. Now, there is an armada of 5 vessels from the first half of the twentieth century. Giessbach is a destination around the lake that you need to check out.

Lake Thun

I also made a visit to Lake Thun. The prevailing breeze makes it perfect for the sailors and the windsurfers. However, I found the shore to be covered in wood. During the summertime, you will be able to use the woodland that is dotted with bathing spaces.

Honfleur – Enjoy a Family Holiday by This Harbor Town

This is French town with a Norman history and much of that can still be seen in landmarks, culture, and traditions in this harbor city. What I came across here was a picturesque harbor that acted as a strategic inner port in yesteryears. Goods coming in from England were shipped here from Rouen. It was also a site of war, especially the hundred years’ war that went on between France and England.

If you come here, stay for a day and soak in the historic vibes of the town. As I explored the harbor area and chatted with the locals, I got to know that port trade also included ships coming in from Portugal, West Indies, and Canada; hence, there was an influx of foreigners through this region.


This is an old harbor area where I enjoyed looking at the townhouses that date back to the 16th to 18th century. If you like to explore art and architecture like I do you will find examples of fine artists like Eugène Boudin and Claude Monet.

St. Catherine’s Church

This can be your next stop. What I found interesting here was that it has a structure of vaulted timber that was put up by shipbuilders and it dates back to the 15th century.

Musee Eugene-Boudin

Works of this painter of the 19th century can be found here, a former convent. I also enjoyed exploring works of other Impressionist artists here. There are also multimedia exhibits here which you and your family will find interesting.


If you have come here on vacation with your children this is a must visit. I discovered it to be a large greenhouse that has a botanical garden, rare birds and tropical butterflies. You can also visit a waterfront park nearby, called the Jardin des Personnalites. Here I also found a city beach area to enjoy, locally known as Plague du Butin.

Guimarães: Enjoy the Attractions at Culture Packed Cities

Guimarães is the birthplace of Portugal. Every historic center and the palaces that I came across are World Heritage Site. The city has so much to offer that you will have to organize your schedule in order to ensure that you see it all.   Andrey told me that when you visit Guimarães, there are a few things that you need to do, and take your time when you visit, to take in each historic attraction.

Palace of Dukes of Braganza

The palace had been built by Afonso, the Count of Barcelos. There are tall narrow brick chimneys, gothic pointing arches, and courtyard having galleries. I strolled around the palace at a slow pace for enjoying the furniture, tapestries, weapons, ceiling beams, and ceramics, and fireplaces. The architecture of the palace is something to marvel at.

Historic Guimarães

The core of the city is narrow and has twisted lanes with granite buildings on both sides. It is set on the stiff slopes where I came across mansions, churches, and majestic convents. In every few meters, there is a sight that is worth checking out. However, this work is lived-in and isn’t a piece of museum.

Guimarães Castle

During the tenth century, it had to deal with two primary threats, the Vikings raiding the Atlantic and the Moors attacking rest of the Iberian Peninsula. Hence, a castle had been erected almost towards the north where the city stands today. The greenery around the castle makes it look more beautiful.

Monte Da Penha

In order to reach the hilltop, I took a cable car from Guimarães. If you see, this is a great attraction with several platforms or terraces. Stand on top of it to catch the breathtaking sight of nature. I also came across a sanctuary which has been there for hundreds of years now. The view from the summit is a treat to the eyes.

Travel To The Most Renowned City In Panama Colon

Colón is one of the most renowned cities in Panama and it is also the capital of Colón Province. I heard a lot about this city and so made up my mind to travel here. The city is located on the Caribbean coast and at the point where the Panama Canal starts. The most fantastic thing that I like in Colon is its Observation Center, which is a park. The viewing platforms Canal Expansion Observation Center is over the Gatún Lake and Atlantic locks canal. You get a mesmerizing look of the city from this place and I recommend this to everyone who is traveling to Colon for the first time and want to see the best things there.

Other attractions of the city included.    


  • Panama Canal


This is an artificial lake and has a long history, you can check it after enjoying its beauty. It is wonderful and habitat for many aquatic animals.


  • Gatun Lake


This is also an artificial lake and has a history. Check this lake as well during your visit.


  • Chagres and Fort San Lorenzo


Once a port now it is an abandoned village and has become a historical site of Fort San Lorenzo. Visit this place as well to peek in the history of Colon, America and also to check its beauty.


  • Colón Free Trade Zone


This is the second most interesting place I find in Colon as I am a shopping lover. This zone is large and wide and it is present near the Atlantic entrance. It is dedicated to re-exporting a large variety of merchandise to the Caribbean and Latin America and it is a free port. You can enjoy here tax-free shopping. I shopped many unique articles from the place extremely competitive price. Do not forget to bargain here.

In the end, food of Colon is also something that you should never miss.

Burnaby: Enjoy The Fun Things To Do

The third largest city of British Columbia has a lot to offer to the tourists and locals. It is a stunning destination for a vacation. However, it is often neglected by tourist because of being close to Vancouver. However, I would advise going to Burnaby for 2 days when you come for a vacation in Vancouver. I can say that the trip is surely going to be worth it. Here are some of the best things that you can do when you are in Burnaby.

  • Travel back to the twenties

The 1920s is a popular era when it comes to architecture, culture, and music. If you are interested in the history of the city, visit Burnaby Village Museum. There are 31 building spreading across 4 hectares of land. Some of them are heritage building while the others are replicas. Wander around the streets and admire these buildings. Afterward, I took a ride in the C.W. Parker Carousel.

  • Enjoy the view

370 meters high Burnaby Mountain is a visual treat. It overlooks downtown Vancouver and Burrard Inlet. I spend the entire afternoon at the mountain top. I packed my lunch and chose a spot to enjoy the natural beauty. If you want to go hiking and biking, there are trails for doing that. If you are lucky you can spot wildlife creatures like raccoons, coyotes, deer, or black beers.

  • Go bird watching

My love for birds took me to Burnaby Lake. Here, you will find rare species of birds like osprey, great blue herons, green herons, and bald eagles. Do not miss out on this if you are a birdwatcher. You are surely going to love spending time here. 70 bird species live around this lake and you can watch some of these from the trails he runs along. You can also go rowing, canoeing, or kayaking.

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