Hillsborough is Orange County of the state

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Hillsborough is a town that is also the county seat for Orange County of the state. Located by Eno River, I discovered that it has a unique history as well as several interesting places to visit.

History of Hillsborough

It was initially a habitat of the Native Americans and was also a settlement for the European visitors who came here. The town is a replica preserved of the original village of the Native Americans who lived by Eno River. There were about 100 buildings here from the 1700s to 1800s that helped shape the US history here.

Places to Visit

Being a historic site with a popular downtown area, I stopped by Ayr Mount which a plantation house here as well as Old Orange County courthouse and several others that are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. One can also stop by Hillsborough Castle and Gardens which is known to be the official residence of the political party and has well-kept gardens and grounds that visitors can explore. 

Ulster Aviation Society also has an Aviation museum here. I also stopped by the historic museum of Orange County by the riverwalk. Hillsborough forest woods are another picturesque wooded area to discover and so is Hillsborough Fort which is a tourist attraction.

Places to Eat and Shop at

I stopped by the Inn at Teardrops where I enjoyed the local food. I also shopped downtown and stopped for a drink at Hot Tin Roof. Saratoga Grill is known to have American fare and so is Hillsborough BBQ Company which has a great barbeque menu. At James Pharmacy I enjoyed Creole, Cajun and seafood fare. Weaver street market is also a place to grab American fare and so is Antonia’s where Italian food is served. There are several pubs here as well which include Wooden Nickel and Radius Pizzeria.

San Pedro Sula: Discovering an Array of Attractions

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I always had this misconception that San Pedro Sula is just a murder capital. However, a visit to this city changed my opinion completely. This city offers a wide range of things for tourists to explore. To start my journey with discovering Honduras, I landed on San Pedro. It was an eye-opening trip for me. Check out the list of things that you can do when you are in Honduras.

Visit San Pedro Cathedral

This historical and iconic place was on top of my list. It is a cathedral dating back to 1949. The baroque architecture is just breathtaking. Do not forget to carry your cameras when you visit this cathedral. I took a guided tour to learn more about the cathedral. You can visit the Bell Tower and the Crypt.

Go Hiking to Coca Cola Sign

The city is surrounded by Sula Valley mountains. This ecosystem is composed of tropical dry forest which makes it just the ideal scenery for people to enjoy some outdoor activities. Coca Cola sign is the most iconic attraction of the city. So, there was no way I was going to miss out on it. It is the city’s version of Hollywood billboard. If you are up for some adventure, you can hike to the sign. Reaching the top, I caught a view of the whole city and I have said it was ethereal.

Drop-In at Angeli Gardens and Brewery

Check out the 86 acres of the area enclosed in nature at Angeli Gardens. The entire places are surrounded by trees and plants. It is quite an escape from the hustle-bustle of the city. You will also find a restaurant that serves delicious food and not to mention a brewery serving great beer.

What to do when You are in San Jose, Costa Rica?

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San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica. It is a city filled with rich culture and history and also has an urban touch and feel to it, thanks to the wide array of bars and restaurants, attractive beaches, tropical rainforests, and modern-day buildings. The following are the major attractions that San Jose offers for its tourists.

National Museum

I like to know more about the art, culture, and heritage of the place I visit. My visit this museum was worthwhile as I got to know the history of Costa Rica. You can find pottery leftovers, gold and jade jewelry, engraved sculptures, and stone spheres. It is located in Bellavista Fort.  

National Theater

This is another historical site that I did not want to miss. It has attractive looking and wonderfully decorated rooms along with a great stage where performances happen even now. There is French and Italian touch seen in the ceiling and wall murals. There is a lot of European influence in the architecture of this theater.

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

This is an old museum that has a collection of over 1600 artifacts. It is a very good museum to learn the details of the history of the precious yellow metal. This small building is seen under the Plaza de la Cultura and will surely impress everyone who loves gold. I had a whale of a time here.

Metropolitan Church

This is a large church located in the heart of the city. I was attracted by the stained glass windows and the awesome wood carvings that this church possesses. There is also a 17th-century statue of Jesus Christ. This is a must-visit for all religious and non-religious tourists.

Orosi River Valley

To get away from the busy city life, you can always visit this valley. It is home to a wide range of activities for the adventure enthusiasts. You can go hiking trails, white water rafting, and boat rides in this valley.

Roatan: Enjoy Some Non-Touristy Things

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Roatan is a captivating destination for all types of travelers. It is the melting point for people and culture that has settled here. Many travelers frequent the island throughout the year. However, if you are like me and to stray away from touristy things doing something unique, here are a few things that you need to check out.

Go Swimming in Half Moon Bay Beach

I planned to spend one day here but I realized that it isn’t enough. The powdery sand and the blue water against the sky is stunning and you will be unsaturated if you visit just for a day. The cool breeze and water are inviting. This beach is as good as some of the best beaches to be found in the world. One of the best things that you can do here is taking a swim. You are surely going to have an amazing time.

Have Fun Ziplining at Gumbalimba Park

Want to get a view of the entire park? Try zipping. There are several tops which made my experience even more enthralling. Check out some unique fauna of the island including monkeys and macaws. Don’t miss out on this when you are visiting Roatan.

Go Parasailing on the Bay

I went high up in the air in order to view the beauty of Roatan. This will show you the raw beauty of the island. Make sure that you have your camera out and capture some stunning photos to take back home. However, be careful to hang on tightly to the gear. It is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the island.

Go Jet Skiing

I was a first-timer but that is not a problem when you are going jet skiing in Roatan. Ride the sea waves and have a thrilling time. Feeling the blue water against the body is one of the things I experienced here.

Things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam

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If you are visiting Vietnam, then you should miss taking a tour of the capital city of Hanoi. I loved this city that had a great mix of ancient and modern Vietnam. It is a vibrant and happening city that has plenty of mouthwatering restaurants, busy city streets, and great sights and sounds.

Places of Interest


  • Hoan Kiem Lake


This is a popular landmark of the city. There is a small island on the other side of the lake that can be reached on the red bridge. I was told about this bridge by an old friend who works for a Schenectady roofing contractor back in New York.  He mentioned it as he is from the area.  I loved the visit to the Ngoc Son Tempe on the island that is dedicated to three great leaders of Vietnamese history: Van Xuong, Tran Huang Dao, and La To.


  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology


I love to get deep insights into the art and culture of the cities that I visit and hence I loved every minute that I spent in this museum. It housed the national treasures and ancient collections that showcased the diverse Vietnamese culture. I got to see their traditional dresses, metalwork, wood carving, etc.


  • Water Puppet Theatre


The water puppet shows are very popular in Vietnam and is an ancient art form. There are regular shows held at this center and most of them are based on the local legends. 


  • Imperial Citadel


This is a very popular place during the Vietnam War and also has a bunker where the military maps are displayed. It was a very popular military power area then and now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Temple of Literature


This is a Confucian temple that was built in the 11th century as a university. It pays tribute to the popular Vietnamese scholars. The series of pillars of this temple has the names of the students etched. The pagoda, where Confucius statue is situated, is very attractive.

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