Guimarães: Enjoy the Attractions at Culture Packed Cities

Guimarães is the birthplace of Portugal. Every historic center and the palaces that I came across are World Heritage Site. The city has so much to offer that you will have to organize your schedule in order to ensure that you see it all.   Andrey told me that when you visit Guimarães, there are a few things that you need to do, and take your time when you visit, to take in each historic attraction.

Palace of Dukes of Braganza

The palace had been built by Afonso, the Count of Barcelos. There are tall narrow brick chimneys, gothic pointing arches, and courtyard having galleries. I strolled around the palace at a slow pace for enjoying the furniture, tapestries, weapons, ceiling beams, and ceramics, and fireplaces. The architecture of the palace is something to marvel at.

Historic Guimarães

The core of the city is narrow and has twisted lanes with granite buildings on both sides. It is set on the stiff slopes where I came across mansions, churches, and majestic convents. In every few meters, there is a sight that is worth checking out. However, this work is lived-in and isn’t a piece of museum.

Guimarães Castle

During the tenth century, it had to deal with two primary threats, the Vikings raiding the Atlantic and the Moors attacking rest of the Iberian Peninsula. Hence, a castle had been erected almost towards the north where the city stands today. The greenery around the castle makes it look more beautiful.

Monte Da Penha

In order to reach the hilltop, I took a cable car from Guimarães. If you see, this is a great attraction with several platforms or terraces. Stand on top of it to catch the breathtaking sight of nature. I also came across a sanctuary which has been there for hundreds of years now. The view from the summit is a treat to the eyes.