Honfleur – Enjoy a Family Holiday by This Harbor Town

This is French town with a Norman history and much of that can still be seen in landmarks, culture, and traditions in this harbor city. What I came across here was a picturesque harbor that acted as a strategic inner port in yesteryears. Goods coming in from England were shipped here from Rouen. It was also a site of war, especially the hundred years’ war that went on between France and England.

If you come here, stay for a day and soak in the historic vibes of the town. As I explored the harbor area and chatted with the locals, I got to know that port trade also included ships coming in from Portugal, West Indies, and Canada; hence, there was an influx of foreigners through this region.


This is an old harbor area where I enjoyed looking at the townhouses that date back to the 16th to 18th century. If you like to explore art and architecture like I do you will find examples of fine artists like Eugène Boudin and Claude Monet.

St. Catherine’s Church

This can be your next stop. What I found interesting here was that it has a structure of vaulted timber that was put up by shipbuilders and it dates back to the 15th century.

Musee Eugene-Boudin

Works of this painter of the 19th century can be found here, a former convent. I also enjoyed exploring works of other Impressionist artists here. There are also multimedia exhibits here which you and your family will find interesting.


If you have come here on vacation with your children this is a must visit. I discovered it to be a large greenhouse that has a botanical garden, rare birds and tropical butterflies. You can also visit a waterfront park nearby, called the Jardin des Personnalites. Here I also found a city beach area to enjoy, locally known as Plague du Butin.