Iquitos – The City That Hastens

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Iquitos is the most crowded city I have seen throughout Peru, it has got bustling markets and streets for local shopping. The city is set, surrounded by the jungles of Amazon and is also based on the Amazon River banks. There are several boat trips offered for you to take a quick ride around the city. The city is a fine blend of new and old together. It persists modernization but it also keeps close its old traditions that have been followed for a very long time. The place is practically unreachable if you are planning to walk through it. The crowd will get you stuck, instead of bike tours. Here are some of my must visits.


If you are in search of some leisure time you want to spend to just relax and calm your body down, this is the place you definitely want to try out.  The beach is located at the coastlines and boundaries of the city and is filled in with white sands. The houses various animals in the natural habitat protected reserve just about a kilometer Outdoor from the beach. The beach opposite to the city is not very bustling, in weekdays all you can find here are tourists and nothing else. Some weekends marks locals coming, or else the beach is very silent and solemn. You can walk alongside the waters, or have coconut water. And if you get lucky you might be able to spot pink Amazon dolphin.

Indian Markets

This is one of the largest and bustled markets around Iquitos and if you wish to shop souvenirs for your loved ones, this is exactly where you should be head to and by everything you might require. The market is full of local and ancient artifacts of Peru, you can even find a miniature of Machu Picchu and that looks very beautiful. You can find spices that are made in Iquitos itself. You will find the authentic bora drums here and don’t forget to bargain, they tend to charge more to the tourists.