Top Three Places to Visit in Pattaya

Talk of Pattaya and everyone will think of beautiful beaches. But there is more to this peaceful city than the beaches; there are museums, school of sports and galleries. With the increase of investments to tourism attractions sites by the government, a vacation to Pattaya City is rewarding. It will fully satisfy your travelling urges. As you visit this city, watch out lest you be trapped by its charm and decide not to go back. Many who visit this city as tourists end up as expatriates. The following places will make you fall in love with this fantastic Asian city.

The Floating Markets

Pattaya City is surrounded by water. Locals here use this resource constructively. You will find many boats floating in the sea with all sorts of wares. They have upped the game even more of late. There is a modern mall with everything you need. The only difference it has with your local mall is that it is floating. Welcome to the floating markets of Pattaya. It is well situated in a central place providing easier accessibility to folks coming from any direction of Thailand. The market is unique in that the traders sell their goods while on boats-do not worry; they can not run away with your balance!

The Pattaya City Coastline

A holiday is not complete without enjoying the coastline of the Pattaya city. It is famous worldwide because of its spectacular beaches. You will notice that all beaches across this coastline are immaculately clean. There are many secluded places you can enjoy especially if you have a date. The quietness and cool sea breezes are something you may never want to forget. At night, there are many clubs and bars you can visit and enjoy music and dances. If you love parties, you have found a place you cannot resist.

Learn Water Sports

Would you like surfing? Imagine how thrilling it can be! Many folks desire to do kite surfing at the coastlines but do not know where to start. At Pattaya, you can learn and enjoy many water sports. There are many training facilities for you to choose. Because the trainers are professional, soon you will be having fun in the watersport of your choice.

Visit Museums

The rich craftsmanship of Pattaya people is reflected in the various exhibitions in the museums. The first museum you should visit is the Art in Paradise. Here, you will love over 100 3D art pieces which create optical illusion to make you believe you are part of the art. You can, therefore, rush your adrenaline as you run away from wild animals or huge surf waves. If you do not want to go out, here, you can let your imaginations out of your body.


Pattaya is known for many things. It was generally unknown until the 1970s when tourists started flocking its beaches. The vast sandy beaches are the main attractions to this Thailand city. You will come again for more experience once your vacation ends.