Travel To The Most Renowned City In Panama Colon

Colón is one of the most renowned cities in Panama and it is also the capital of Colón Province. I heard a lot about this city and so made up my mind to travel here. The city is located on the Caribbean coast and at the point where the Panama Canal starts. The most fantastic thing that I like in Colon is its Observation Center, which is a park. The viewing platforms Canal Expansion Observation Center is over the Gatún Lake and Atlantic locks canal. You get a mesmerizing look of the city from this place and I recommend this to everyone who is traveling to Colon for the first time and want to see the best things there.

Other attractions of the city included.    


  • Panama Canal


This is an artificial lake and has a long history, you can check it after enjoying its beauty. It is wonderful and habitat for many aquatic animals.


  • Gatun Lake


This is also an artificial lake and has a history. Check this lake as well during your visit.


  • Chagres and Fort San Lorenzo


Once a port now it is an abandoned village and has become a historical site of Fort San Lorenzo. Visit this place as well to peek in the history of Colon, America and also to check its beauty.


  • Colón Free Trade Zone


This is the second most interesting place I find in Colon as I am a shopping lover. This zone is large and wide and it is present near the Atlantic entrance. It is dedicated to re-exporting a large variety of merchandise to the Caribbean and Latin America and it is a free port. You can enjoy here tax-free shopping. I shopped many unique articles from the place extremely competitive price. Do not forget to bargain here.

In the end, food of Colon is also something that you should never miss.