What to do when You are in San Jose, Costa Rica?

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San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica. It is a city filled with rich culture and history and also has an urban touch and feel to it, thanks to the wide array of bars and restaurants, attractive beaches, tropical rainforests, and modern-day buildings. The following are the major attractions that San Jose offers for its tourists.

National Museum

I like to know more about the art, culture, and heritage of the place I visit. My visit this museum was worthwhile as I got to know the history of Costa Rica. You can find pottery leftovers, gold and jade jewelry, engraved sculptures, and stone spheres. It is located in Bellavista Fort.  

National Theater

This is another historical site that I did not want to miss. It has attractive looking and wonderfully decorated rooms along with a great stage where performances happen even now. There is French and Italian touch seen in the ceiling and wall murals. There is a lot of European influence in the architecture of this theater.

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

This is an old museum that has a collection of over 1600 artifacts. It is a very good museum to learn the details of the history of the precious yellow metal. This small building is seen under the Plaza de la Cultura and will surely impress everyone who loves gold. I had a whale of a time here.

Metropolitan Church

This is a large church located in the heart of the city. I was attracted by the stained glass windows and the awesome wood carvings that this church possesses. There is also a 17th-century statue of Jesus Christ. This is a must-visit for all religious and non-religious tourists.

Orosi River Valley

To get away from the busy city life, you can always visit this valley. It is home to a wide range of activities for the adventure enthusiasts. You can go hiking trails, white water rafting, and boat rides in this valley.