Windsor, Ontario: Discover The Home To Lush Green Parks

Windsor, Ontario, is the city of culture and history. The modern towers and the historic architecture truly blew my mind. The city has to offer some amazing attractions. The best thing about this city is that has some great parks and green spaces. The downtown area organizes some great festivals. Let’s take a look at the best thing that you can do in Windsor.

  • Win Some Money at a Casino

I came across four casinos in the Detroit area of Windsor. Caesars casino at Windsor sits along the waterfront. If you are not interested in gambling, you can simply enjoy the view from the bar. The casino has more than 6 million visitors every year. Gamble at the blackjack, baccarat, poker, and craps tables. I am not much of a gambler so I just slipped into the slot machine. There is an onsite sports bar and you can bet on sports.

  • Travel Back in Time

Being a historical city, Windsor has so many historical that took me back in time. When you are in this city, do not forget to visit the iconic buildings. The most popular one is Willistead Manor designed by Albert Kahn. Placed at the middle of a lush green park, the mansion has thirty-six rooms.

  • Go Biking

Are you a bit adventurous and love outdoor activities like me? Then go out cycling. There are different trails around the city. You can take the bike trail which goes to Downtown Windsor. You can stop and enjoy the view of the skyline while you rest. Some parts of the trail run along the city but there are dedicated lanes for bicycles.

  • Have Fun at Water Park

Splashing in a water park is so much fun on a hot sunny day. I took my kids to the Adventure Bay Water Park. Some areas of the park are open only during summertime. Both adults and kids can enjoy the time.